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Saving Lives and Killing the Game, or SLAKTG (pronounced SLACK- TG) is a blog to share insight of my struggles and triumphs in my career as well as create a community where we can question what we know and learn from each other's journeys we may never experience, all while finding out where our next step is in life. 

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Update #1- We are live!

Just a quick post. The official birthday is 12/30/19!

I'm mega juiced to start this blog, to share and receive insight of nursing in the millennial age. Just because I say millennial, I hope the label doesn't alienate others who don't identify with the social group. But there is something to be said about how this generation approaches nursing and I hope we can all learn from each other.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to check me on my facts, check me on my attitude, or sound off if my opinions or statements get you riled up. Maybe there's something I need to learn more about, or maybe I can get you to see a different perspective. I'm definitely not here to tell people how to or change what people think, but the effect I want this blog to have is to have a conversation. Open up the mind to the possibility that despite what we all think we know, there might be another side.

That being said, there will be no progress or development of community if one speaks in absolutes, or speaks in a way that deliberately brings people down. I will try my best to refrain from that dialogue, but remain honest, truthful, and respectful. If you reach out to me I ask you do the same.



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